Our Custom Solutions team of certified technicians can build assemblies, sub-assemblies, or instrument enclosures ...


SNL Technologies provides Production Management and Hydrocarbon Accounting Solutions that are second to none.


• Wellhead systems supply, design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
• Project & Supply chain management for...


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SNL Nigeria is eqipped with a wide range of solutions ...



Create value for the customer to create value for Swagelok.

Everything that we do every day at Swagelok is focused on improving service to you as our customer. In particular, we focus on being flexible and adaptive, as well as timely and responsive.

Provide high value and high performance in our products, processes, and services

Extraordinary quality is our promise. We design and manufacture products to the highest standard, without exception. We provide services that are exceptional – that exceed your expectations.
In our design and manufacturing process, we build in quality checks at every key point along the way, including simulated computer modeling, electron scanning of raw materials, dimensional testing, and even non-functional appearance inspections.

Choose to do the right thing with courage and character

Integrity is about doing the right thing, every time, with courage and character. Our products are tested and tested again. And when we assign performance ratings, you can be sure they are well qualified and reliable. That way, we know that our products will be safe and will perform at the rated level.
When we provide technical advice, it will be truthful advice – advice that is in your best interest. It will be concerned with safety and efficiency.
Our communications will continue to be forthright, given what we believe to be an accurate portrayal of issues, even if unpopular.

Commit to the success of each associate through an environment where people are trusted, respected, and treated fairly

“Respect for the individual” is our commitment to a culture in which people are trusted and treated fairly. We listen and learn from each other. Each voice is important.
We also respect you as our customer, and the constraints and pressures that you are working under. We are listening to you, and trying to improve the way we do business.

Systematically and consistently do things better

Continuous improvement is the art of changing for the better. It’s a value we take to heart, from our shop floor associates to our senior executives and sales team. In our services, we strive to improve customer convenience.
Over time, we have discovered a way to serve the unique needs of large construction projects that operate from multiple locations across the globe.

Challenge conventional wisdom to create new value for the customer

We believe in innovation, the attempt to bring new ideas into practice, to change how the world works.
In good economic times and bad, we put significant resources behind our research and development. That’s why we are a thought leader in metallurgy and corrosion issues, and why we hold more than 200 patents worldwide.



SNL Nigeria is a wholly owned indigenous company. which is a major developer and provider of fluid system solutions, Oil and Gas drilling and completion services, as well as intelligent energy applications. We are a major partner of Swagelok, P2 Energy Solutions, and PESECO in Nigeria and have been in existence since 2005. We Locally represent our partners in providing equipment and personnel supply services to major E & P companies in Nigeria for specific service contracts.