P2 Energy Solutions empowers the people who power the world. P2 is the world's largest software and technology company dedicated to the upstream oil and gas industry, with solutions spanning the entire value chain from exploration to decommissioning.

More than 1,500 companies use P2 products and services daily to improve decision-making, gain clarity into complex workflow scenarios, and optimize upstream efficiency. With more than 80 years of experience in data and 30 years in software, P2 has offices around the world, and employs over 700 people.

Oil & Gas Production Software

In today's highly competitive landscape, oil and gas production must be optimized at all times, which means data capture and validation, real-time data visualization, event and alert monitoring, smooth allocations and seamless shift handovers must all come together in a cohesive way.
This is where P2 Production Solutions come in.

Oil& Gas Production Products

  • P2 AFE
  • P2 Beyond Compliance
  • P2 Sentinel
  • P2 Server
  • P2 Merrick
  • P2 Explore

Field Operations

Production Forecasting

Production Data Management

Operational Intelligence

Oil & Gas Accounting Software

Whether you're a small startup, a large super major, or of any size in between, P2 can put the right tools in your hands to tackle evolving industry challenges.

Oil& Gas Accounting Products

  • P2 BOLO
  • P2 Excalibur
  • P2 Enterprise Upstream
  • P2 iDEAS
  • P2 Qbyte Oil& Gas

Revenue Accounting

Capital Expenditure Management

Joint Venture Accounting

Financial Reporting Software

Fixed Asset Accounting Software

Fractional Ownership Management